Butterfly Child ‘Eucalyptus’ EP CD


Butterfly Child’s second EP on the H.Ark! lable, released 1992. Produced and programmed by Rudy (R. Kane) Tambala.

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The Eucalyptus EP is Butterfly Child’s second release on the A.R. Kane-owned H.Ark! label. It is solo work by Joe Cassidy from Belfast, produced by Rudy (R. Kane) Tambala.
As rare as hen’s teeth as there was only ever one production run, back in 1992, and they flew out of the door.

Those on offer are from the H.Ark! archive and have been lovingly kept for nigh-on 30 years, in mint condition, still shrink-wrapped. Joe methodically scented each one with eucalyptus oil and there may still be a hint of it after three decades! They come with an original hand cut compliments slip, courtesy of the Stratford Workshops photocopier, signed by Rudy.

A Breath Of Fresh Air 6:25
Viola 4:41
Rocket Singer 3:28
Minimal 3:15
Sub-Marine 4:53
A Breath Of Fresh Air (Radio Edit) 3:57

AllMusic Review by Ned Raggett
Released on Rudy Tambala of A R Kane’s label H.ark! and produced by him as well, Eucalyptus is a perfect view into the incipient Butterfly Child world of romantic lyrics, elegant but not bloodless playing and singing, and an appreciation of beauty on many different levels. “A Breath of Fresh Air,” which both starts and, in a shorter radio edit, ends the release, is the key track. Cassidy and his acoustic guitar are backed by a lush combination of shuffling hip-hop beats, electric guitar and bass, and a general atmosphere of quiet bliss, heightened by his light but never cloying vocals and remarkable, non-cliché lyrics about love, life, and hope. The lengthy coda, with Cassidy softly singing part of the chorus over the flowing performance, is especially lovely. The remaining tracks are also touched with elements of these combinations, in their own way, from the Tim Buckley tinge of “Rocket Singer” (with an inspiring chorus about, of course, love) to the echoing wash of “Minimal,” with a gentle keyboard loop up front and Cassidy singing as if miles away.


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