Rudy Tambala was one half of the duo A.R.Kane that coined the phrase ‘Dreampop’. A brace of experimental pop singles, two number 1 independent albums, and the collaborative global dance hit ‘Pump Up The Volume’ as part of M|A|R|R|S, saw them established as forerunners of much of what was to come, seeding genres like dream pop, shoe-gaze, trip hop and progressive house/rock cross over. See Wikipedia etc. if you want to geek out on facts and figures.

In 2015/2016 Rudy took A.R. Kane live after a gap of many moons, with singer Maggie Tambala and guitarist Andy Taylor, playing a mini euro-tour at shows such as Primavera in Barcelona and Porto, On Blackheath, Kumu öö, Supernormal and several others.

June 20th 2018, Rudy announced he was switching the band name from A.R. Kane to Jübl (pn. Jubal),  for the release of the debut ‘Thinking Sweet EP’.
New name, new vibe.

June 20th 2019, the  ‘Sun EP’ hit the streets, as a taster of the upcoming LP.

September 1st, 2019,  the debut LP, DNA Cowboys was released.
11 tracks featuring remixed/remastered EP tracks and seven new songs, in a genre Rudy calls “Progress”, the mutant child of dreampop.