DNA Cowboys LP and Merch


New LP

September 1st, on impulse we released our debut LP, DNA Cowboys.
Eleven songs, a journey, freely mashing up a range of genres into a new, mutation of dreampop, a genre we have coined “Progress”, a kind of Prog Pop, if you like.

Initially on Bandcamp, on all other digital channels from September 8th. Vinyl and merchandise landed October 30th.

Little else to say, have a listen, and if you want to show us some love, donate, share, sing our songs, say hello.

Getting tactile

Physical product is here and now, and it is 100% exclusive to this site. We launched with a limited run First Edition Boxed Bundle for serious collectors and Super Jüblites, and now you can also buy Limited- and Collectors-Editions of the LP too.

Go visit the Jübl shop for more info and to pick up some sweet things.

If you have suggestions, comments or queries, just reach out using the form below, and we’ll reach right back.