DNA Cowboys First Edition Collectors Box: Vinyl LP + T-shirt



Jübl’s exclusive DNA Cowboys LP Collectors First Edition box.
Boxed (gold embossed), 12″ vinyl + Lyric insert; T-shirt
Signed, numbered, dated, stamped, picked and packed by yours truly. Fresh.

Not available anywhere else on this planet, but possibly in alternate realities.


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Last of the batch, Jübl’s exclusive DNA Cowboys First Edition Collectors box:

  • 12″ vinyl LP. Signed, numbered, dated and stamped. Re-mastered for vinyl (warm and punchy, subtly detailed.) Full-colour artwork, high quality 140g disc. The last three songs are cross-faded into an immersive finale, not available digitally.
  • All items packed in a heavy, solid, black box emblazoned top and underside with the vinyl label art in gold.
  • T-shirt. Cotton Tee, Size XL, sleeve art front, “Jübl” on back.
  • 12 inch lyric sheet insert, numbered, signed and stamped.

LP Side A
1. Move Easy
2. Happy Sad
3. Sun Slips Over (Re-mastered)
4. So Blue
5. Wilder
6. One I Love

LP Side B
7. For You
8. Quiet Sun (Re-mastered)
9. Thinking About You (Nucleotide Mix)
10. Sweet Dreams (Re-mastered)
11. Everlivin


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Weight .150 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × .33 cm